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  • Polygyny: 1-Man Many-Women
    Religions that either currently or recently accepted this: Islam, FLDS. Seems possibly eugenic in that Likely results in a pareto distribution; Where 20% of the men get 80% of the women.
  • Polyandry: 1-Woman Many-Men
    Until very recently, this would result in uncertain paternity, and thus no father figure for children (terrible for society long-term).
    Heavily reduces societal reproduction rate compared to both monogamy and polygyny.
    It seems highly plausible that men are naturally / evolutionarily ingrained to be jealous.
Arguments against:
  • Men that do not achieve a wife that is monogamous to them seem much more likely to become violent and/or involved in criminal activity (bad for society).
    See the Religion page for how Islam attempts to handle this.
  • Monogamy seems to be stable for thousands of years; Plausible that this is long-term preferable compared to theoretical eugenics from polygymy.

Male Homosexuality: Proven Contributors

Fraternal birth order effect: Negative correlation between fraternal birth order and male homosexuality (i.e. for a given male, the more older brothers from the same mother that he has, the more likely he is to be homosexual)

Male Homosexuality: Plausible Causes

The Gay Germ Hypothesis

See my page on The Gay Germ Hypothesis

Hyper-feminine Hypothesis

Perhaps male homosexuality is caused by a "hyper-feminine" gene or germ that creates hyper femininity in both sexes; In women, resulting in high reproduction rates, but in males results in homosexuality (low reproduction rates).

Female Bisexuality



¿Is it plausible that banning homosexuality within a group (e.g. a religion, a nation, etc.) results in long-term TFR/population increases? And conversely, permitting it results in long-term decreases in TFR/population? If one were looking to create their own religion, would banning homosexuality be advantagious to the religion's spread?