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NASA Clean Air Study: Certain plants remove many harmful polutants from the air

Art of making miniature nature


Japanese. Emphasis on one or more miniature trees. (example images below)
Bonsai example #1
Bonsai example #2
Bonsai example #3


Japanese. Emphasis moved from just trees, to also being an entire landscape, including more emphasis on stones, soil, & the shape of the ground. (example images below)
Saikei example #1
Saikei example #2

Hòn non bộ

Vietnamese miniature nature landscapes, imitating the scenery of the islands, mountains, & surrounding environment. (example images below)
Hòn non bộ example #1
Hòn non bộ example #2


Chinese. Tree type & shape is less stringent than bonsai. Pots are often flamboyant compared to bonsai's "minimalist" style.

Japanese garden

Japanese zen/dry/rock garden (example images below)
Japanese zen/dry/rock garden example #1
Japanese zen/dry/rock garden example #2

Your own mini zen garden

Mini zen garden