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An interesting idea that I read, though I lack the knowledge to verify/object to its accuracy:
When the industrial revolution was taking place, the methods of extracrting resouces were very primitive compared to today. But they worked just fine because so many resouces were easily accessible. Coal useed to simply sit on the surface, and many metals could be taken from surface rocks. Gold could be semi-easily panned in many places around the world (e.g. California). Oil was abundant and actually leaking to the surface in rich areas.

Now: say tech failed, and humanity lost all of its progress; 100x worse than the burning of the Library of Alexandria, humanity was set back to the iron age. There is no way for humanity to recover to the current technological level, because to get oil or metal or coal now, you need to dig so deep that humans can't really do it without machines that already use the resources they mine.

Thus, with no stable energy source and no way of ever achieving one, humanity will stagnate and regress, ultimately dying out to starvation, natural disaster, or disease. If we falter even one step, humanity is doomed. There is no redo. No going back to simpler times and then marching forward. This is it: we reach higher and better energy sources or we die in mud huts as a species.