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Danger: Death Penalty any% Speedrun

Things that would be dangerous to mix
Chlorine GasBleach + Vinegar
Chloramine GasBleach + Ammonia
ChloroformBleach + Rubbing Alcohol
Parecetic AcidHydrogen Peroxide + Vinegar
Cover fingerprints with gloves (e.g. nitrile/latex gloves), possibly also use superglue on your fingertips too in gase the gloves break during use. Remember that your palms and other parts of your finger also have identifying prints, and your fingernails contain DNA. Do not bring your cell phone. Do not bring your cell phone.
Disolving a Body via Lye
The Poor Man's James Bond (Volume 2) - Kurt Saxon
Steal This Book - Abbie Hoffman
Ecodefense: A Field Guide to Monkeywrenching (3rd Edition) - Various Authors (edited by Dave Foreman)
The Anarchist's Cookbook - The Jolly Roger
Improvised Munitions Handbook - US Army
The Chemical Formulary: A Condensed Collection of Valuable, Timely, Practical Formulae For Making Thousands of Products in All Fields of Industry - D. Van Nostrand Company, Inc.